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Sound projection

The sound projection at the Stage for Music Visualisation of the Beethoven-House uses advanced technological developments of the multi-channel real-time processing for sounds to generate an immersive and interactive sound environment for Beethoven's music. The recording of an original performance during which the individual sound components are recorded on separate tapes serves as a basis. For the production of a CD these components are then carefully edited at a mixer until the desired sound characteristics are achieved. In contrast, the virtual stage at the Beethoven-House uses technologies that combine these sound components to an interactive spatial sound environment in real-time.

In addition, "Fidelio 21st Century" gives the visitors an opportunity to influence the performance and express their own interpretation to a certain extent. The result is an environment of sounds that can be adapted in terms of spatial impression, positioning and distance and that coincides with the three-dimensional figures presented by the virtual staging. To position the four mobile sound sources (i. e. the four singing voices) in the virtual space, several technical levels of the sound editing are combined:

1) The sound source is placed into the 17 loudspeakers according to its scale (VBAP technology). This results in a high degree of sound fidelity and a clear position.

2) The sound sources are simulated in a three-dimensional acoustic space. This simulation consists of a dynamic real-time reproduction of sound reflections at the walls of a virtual concert hall and a diffuse echo. Both are then projected into the room and enclose the audience from all sides.

3) Beyond the real-time simulation of the acoustic environment the figures and sound sources move through a spatial topology of sound parameters. In this layer the sound setting parameters used for the possible locations of the sound source are fixed. The same applies to the figures parameters used for the chronological process of the plot. Thus, impressions for distance, proximity, size etc. of the sound source can be associated in the virtual space.