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"Hello Beethoven" now in French and Spanish

New offer for visitors of the Beethoven-Haus and virtual tourists

Our interactive Beethoven biography - popular among teenagers and adults alike - is now available in four languages. Visitors from Spain and France can meet Beethoven in their mother tongue and get to know the composer from a more personal perspective. We are currently working on a Chinese language version.

Did Beethoven play the trumpet? Where did he get his ideas from? What was his favourite dish? Did Beethoven have a pet? Children have a lot of questions about the life of the great composer. Now they can find answers on "Hello Beethoven", the new website of the Beethoven-Haus Bonn.

The great composer is presented in a particular human way and not as a superior hero like it is often done. Through various individual topics children and teenagers can discover Beethoven's life and focus on the area that is of most interest to them, such as: Beethoven's family, his school time and friends, his typical course of the day, the illnesses he suffered from but also historical, social and political issues of his time like war, money, work and business partners.

Beethoven is presented in a playful and exciting way. Funny, partially animated illustrations, a lovely design, interactive dialogues, music and spoken original quotes frame Beethoven’s thrillingly narrated life history.

"Hello Beethoven" complements the web presentation of the Beethoven-Haus. The web page is part of the Digital Beethoven-Haus that was opened in December 2004, featuring two new visitor areas at the Beethoven-Haus and an extensive online property. The main attraction is the Digital Archive where the institute's collection (manuscripts, first editions and pictures) can be accessed digitally.
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