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Geschichten aus dem Beethoven-Haus

Geschichten aus dem Beethoven-Haus, narrated by Martella Gutiérrez-Denhoff. A book for children at pre- and school age, 2004
(Educational material)

out of print


  • Die geheime Treppe

  • Ein Fest im Schloss

  • Endlich Ferien

  • Wenn der Hahn kräht

  • Musikautomaten

  • Eine große Kiste aus England

  • Das rote Tuch

  • Ein Geschenk für Maximiliane

  • Abschied vom Hosenknopf

  • Schulfrei!

23 pages, 23 figures


At the beginning of the year 2004 the Beethoven-Haus has arranged a painting and drawing contest about Beethoven, the museum and some of the items that are being displayed. The 'Tales of the Beethoven-Haus' that were written for the participating children were printed by the publishing house of the Beethoven-Haus, and were furthermore illustrated with paintings made by award winners, and with the pictural results of the childrens' painting contest.