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Support our work by an uncommitted donation, i.e. a donation that is not linked to a certain purpose. Your money will then be used where it is needed most.

If you would like to contribute to a certain project or a fixed task at the Beethoven-Haus, we appreciate earmarked donations.

With your donation, you may support a certain area of work such as:

  • Contribute to the purchase of important collection items
    (e.g. manuscripts, first editions, pictures),

  • enable special exhibitions at the museum,

  • promote projects related to museum education,

  • enable single or multiple concerts a the chamber music hall,

  • support research in the Beethoven-Archiv,

  • support publications of the publishing house.

All donations are tax-deductible (exceptions apply to material donations).

No matter if you make a large one-time donation or support the Beethoven-Haus frequently with small amounts, we are very grateful for your generosity and will document it, if desired.

Your donations will be listed in a Book of Donators and won't be forgotten.

Please use our form for donations from aboard.

Honorary titles of the Beethoven Haus
Capital endowments and testamentary donations