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Reihe III

Series III Ausgewählte Handschriften in Faksimile-Ausgaben

With this series of publications the Beethoven-Haus first and foremost presents important new additions and interesting objects in its collections. All of the selected manuscripts are faithfully reproduced in facsimile editions and include a scholarly commentary. General editor of the series from Volume 3 onwards: Sieghard Brandenburg

Vol. 1 Entwurf einer Denkschrift an das Appellationsgericht in Wien vom 18. Februar 1820, edited by Joseph Schmidt-Görg.
Introduction, transcription and annotations by Dagmar Weise, 1953
29.00 Euro
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Vol. 2 Klaviersonate in C-Dur op. 53 (Waldsteinsonate), with a prologue edited by Martin Staehelin, 1984 out of print
Vol. 3 Ludwig van Beethoven, Dreizehn unbekannte Briefe an Josephine Gräfin Deym geb. von Brunsvik.
Introduction and Transcription by Joseph Schmidt-Görg, 1986
19.50 Euro
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Vol. 4 Sechs Bagatellen für Klavier op. 126
Teil 1: Autograph und Skizzen
Teil 2: Originalausgabe, Übertragung und Kommentar, hg. von Sieghard Brandenburg, 1984
out of print
Vol. 5 Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, Lied in vier Fassungen (WoO 134) nach einem Gedicht von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, mit einer Studie von Helga Lühning, 1986 out of print
Vol. 6 Maynard Solomon. Beethovens Tagebuch, edited by Sieghard Brandenburg, 1990 out of print
Vol. 7 Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier op. 69, das Autograph des ersten Satzes.
Rekonstruktion der ersten Fassung und Kommentar von Sieghard Brandenburg, 1992
out of print
Vol. 8 Klaviersonate e-Moll op. 90, edited and annotated by Michael Ladenburger, 1993 out of print
Vol. 9 Die Stammbücher Beethovens und der Babette Koch, with introduction and annotations edited by Max Braubach, 2nd extended edition with a transcription by Michael Ladenburger, 1995 19.00 Euro
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Vol. 10 Piano Sonata op. 28, facsimile of the autograph, the sketches, and the first edition with transcription and Commentary by Martha Frohlich, 1996 out of print
Vol. 11 Robert Schumann, Klavierbüchlein für Marie.
Facsimile of the autograph score at the Beethoven-Haus Bonn (Collection H.C. Bodmer) with a commentary by Bernhard R. Appel, 1998. Second and corrected edition 2012
18.00 Euro
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Vol. 12 Ludwig van Beethoven, Heiligenstädter Testament.
With transcription and commentary in Englisch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese Sprache, edited by Sieghard Brandenburg, new edition 1999
13.00 Euro
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Vol. 13 Ludwig van Beethoven, Drei Lieder nach Gedichten von Goethe. Flohlied - Neue Liebe, neues Leben - Kennst du das Land.
With a commentary by Helga Lühning, 1999
43.00 Euro
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Vol. 14 Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphonie Nr. 6 in F-Dur op. 68.
With a commentary by Sieghard Brandenburg, 2000
490.00 Euro
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Vol. 15 Ludwig van Beethoven, Der Brief an die Unsterbliche Geliebte. Facsimile, transcription and commentary by Sieghard Brandenburg in German, English and Japanese, new edition 2001 13.00 Euro
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Vol. 16 Ludwig van Beethoven, Klaviersonate in cis-Moll op. 27 Nr. 2 (Mondscheinsonate).
With a commentary by Michael Ladenburger, 2. edition
78.00 Euro
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Vol. 17 Beethoven im Gespräch.
Ein Konversationsheft vom 9. September 1825
Transcription and commentary by Grita Herre, English translation by Theodore Albrecht, 2002
out of print
Vol. 18 Ludwig van Beethoven, Klavierstück a-Moll WoO 59, Für Elise. Critical edition with facsimile of the autograph score BH 116, transkription and commentary by Sieghard Brandenburg, 3. edition 2009 8.50 Euro
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Vol. 19 Ludwig van Beethoven, 33 Variations in C major on a waltz by Anton Diabelli for piano op. 120
Part 1 Facsimile of Autograph NE 294 in the Beethoven House Bonn
Part 2 Facsimile of the Original Edition (Dedication copy) and Commentaries in German and English, ed. by Bernhard R. Appel and Michael Ladenburger, 2010
148.00 Euro
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Vol. 20 Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano Op. 69, 1. Movement
Facsimile of Autograph NE 179 in the Beethoven-Haus Bonn
Edited and with commentary by Jens Dufner and Lewis Lockwood, 2015
48.00 Euro
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